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January 19, 2018 Chairs

Rietveld Chair Designs Ideas

The design of red and blue chair of 1917 is perhaps one of the best known works of the Dutch architect Gerrit Rietvel which was then called rietveld chair and then manages to synthesize much of their ideas, influenced by the movement De Stijl, in this furniture. The search for the expression of the mathematical structure and universal harmony of nature, were any of the objectives pursued by this design.

Rietveld Chair Zig Zag

Rietveld Chair Zig Zag

The rietveld chair composed in simple flat shapes, using horizontal and vertical lines painted in black. Two large boxes, one red and one blue, are supported independently on black structure, creating something beautiful from simple parts.

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The chair is not known for being furniture comfortable; it is more a decorative than functional piece designed from a modular system. The construction of the chair red and blue is based on a module of ten centimeters, which corresponds to the thickness of three rails.

The rietveld chair proposes a new conception of space. It is the synthesis of a language that artists of the modern movement, including the famous painter Mondrian, had been working, this time, ideas are put into three-dimensionality.

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