Primitive Curtains Home Decor

Jan 9th

Primitive curtains – The primitive decor includes items that look very old and worn. The primitive style was born with the people who made their own furniture, clothing, candles, toys, quilts, curtains and they grew their own food. People used what was available to do what the rich could buy. The clothes were old and stained, and eventually ended up becoming a rag doll or quilt. Many families had homemade furniture. Today, we call it folk or primitive curtains art to be handmade by farmers, teachers and fishermen to the house and not to sell.

Culture Primitive Curtains
Culture Primitive Curtains

Wooden furniture wears to look primitive. For example, use a simple coffee table removing the stains with a chemical stripper. Sand any remaining stain for a clean finish. Paint the table in pastel shades such as brown, blue, green or red. Let the paint dry. Use furniture that match the primitive style – simple wood without notches or ornamental details. If you wear a chest of drawers, consider replacing the details wooden handles or stained brass.

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Homemade curtain primitive designs produce primitive tissues dipping them in boiling water with two or three tablespoons of coffee or instant tea. Cover the material completely or leave it in water for a minute or two to darken the color. The result is a mottled look, with old material appearance. This works well with cotton. Do rabbits, dolls or primitive curtains with the old material.